Video of your home help people understand the flow of the home. See the detail, the ambiance and create another channel through which to showcase your home. Showcase your home as the high-value asset it truly is.

However, sometimes video can be overly expensive and you cannot convince your clients to add this to the marketing package.

So, Bullsnest has devised a low-cost solution.

Why do you want a video?

  1. It shows the flow of the home
  2. It captures the ambiance
  3. Some people “believe” video more than images
  4. If used correctly on youtube and the various real estate marketing sites, it can greatly increase the SEO of the property and your agency.

BullsNest is using a high-resolution mobile phone, wide-angle lens, and mobile gimbal to great some stunning videos when you book a photo package.

With our video service you receive:

  1. Up to 60-second video of the home
  2. Licensed music
  3. Home callout at the beginning
  4. Integration of animated video if you have one (I can organise one as well for you if desired)

If you would like to add some drone footage, this can be done for an extra fee.

Video takes an extra 30-45mins onsite, so please advise on booking what package you would like for timing. Videos take 3-4 days to deliver.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are another medium to showcase your home. With YouTube being one of the most searched social media channels, it also means more people will see your property.

A small investment to ensure you have a video to slot into showing all the images, floorplan and the key features of the property all in one place.

We recommend you invest in an animated logo to make your slideshow videos look even more amazing.

A branded video is uploaded direct to your YouTube and includes fully licensed music.

A standard video includes moving skies, tvs and more.

For a little bit extra, you can invest in a slideshow that also has a Google maps element that shows you local areas as well!

For such a small investment, you can truly showcase your property and get this out on YouTube and Facebook, as well as position well in with a video!


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