Using a drone provides an amazing context to properties. A holistic birds-eye view means buyers can quickly see the entire property and sometimes surrounds to understand how the home fits into the neighbourhood.

BullsNest can provide you with aerial photographs of properties as part of an additional service to help your clients sell.

Ask for the images as is, or with an opaque border to the property.

Drone Video

BullsNest also provides a drone video package. Contact us for acreage and large properties to ensure that you property is fully captured to ensure that your buyers come knocking on your door.

CASA Restrictions

BullsNest is registered with CASA and has to abide by CASA rules and regulations. Not just because we should, but because this ensures the safety of people in and around the property.

This means that when shooting drone, people should remain inside. Dogs need to be locked away. There is a restriction on height maximums and restrictions on shooting near airports and other restricted areas.


BullsNest has full insurance of usage of the drone and clients can rest assured that the safety elements of the drone is a first priority.


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