I am a business – a business who is in the business of helping your clients rent or sell their property better and faster.

I therefore operate as one as well.

I have three different type of payment options, two of which I am trialling. This is to see if it helps you and of course, works for me as well!

30 day invoices

Pretty basic and is what it says on the tin. I do the work, your agency is invoiced and payment is required within 30 days.

Upfront Bulk Payments

A new option for those who are really getting a lot of listings or rentals. You can purchase 10 photo or full packages upfront, and you will receive the 11th shoot free. There is no limit of time for these shoots, but it does mean a saving for you and your clients!

This option is per agent, not per agency – so sign up today!

Pay on Settlement

Newly introduced payment option of paying on settlement. This means that you don’t have to worry about cash flow – get your properties up and out with gorgeous photos that will help sell, but you don’t pay until property settles. This option is only available for sales and only with contract with the agent, not the seller.

Pay on settlement obviously involves more administration and cost for me, so each pay on settlement shoot will be priced higher than the normal amounts:

If you want to arrange a payment on settlement, there is an additional fee of 50% on top of the account.

However, you don’t have to outlay until it settles. Please note that the agency, not the vendor is liable for the account and if they do not sell, or withdraw from your services, the payment is still due.


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