Photographing Glass Hideway

To be fair, I was a little worried about getting to this home to do the real estate photography shoot. It was the day after the floods and I was coming from Bellmere. However, to my surprise, I hit no problems and even their home hidden at the bottom of a 500m driveway caused me no more than my usual driving fear!

One of the most different homes I have ever come across. If you did have neighbours, you certainly could never be naked. There is glass EVERYWHERE!

There was no way I could have got such a great shot of he home without my trusty 24 foot super tripod. Gee, I don’t know how I did things beforehand…

This home just had such ambience and warmth. The sun helped, but the wooden floors just made it. Don’t come visit if you are after a pristine 4 bed/2 bathroom. This is a studio home (could be two bedrooms) with huge living areas nestled in the middle of a rain forest. Most of all, the bathroom. I dont know why – maybe the coolest sink ever, or the fact that you are bathing or showering in a rainforest. Either way, pretty funky as long as the spiders don’t get in.

Oh and it is has all off the grid bio stuff like solar, organic waste systems, tanks etc. A true eco-friendly house.

Maybe your own yoga retreat? Or perhaps you just don’t like people. Either way, loved this home!

  • CLIENT Jade Hatcher - Raine & Horne Woodford
  • YEAR June 2016
  • WE DID Real Estate Photography