An exceptional home photographed in Ningi

When I approach real estate shoots, as I drive along the street I always try to imagine what I am in for. As I get closer and count down the letterboxes, I get excited and then deflated every time, hoping for a gorgeous, well designed home. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind photographing older or less well maintained properties – they usually ensure I really test myself. However a great house gets me more excited! This was an exceptional home photographed in Ningi (and probably to sell and live in!).

So as I was driving along the road, I was ecstatic to reveal this was my first home for the day. Yippeee!

I see a lot of homes, but this one for me really struck me. I would never choose to design a home with orange accent, but you know, it really works. It pops. A photographer looks for both light and colour contrast to make a photography pop. This does it. The rooms had a good level of ambient light, although as always, I use flash to underexpose to ensure you can see outside the windows. However, the indoor lighting will still look natural as it is not done at a high level.

The only disappointment to the design of this house was the media room. I felt deflated when I walked in. There was nothing wrong with it. It just was not as spectacular as the other rooms. Perhaps it was the furniture. I love that I felt this way. Really proves what a stunning house it was.

This property is for sale by Bert of Go Gecko Bribie.

  • CLIENT Go Gecko Bribie
  • YEAR July 2016
  • WE DID Real estate photography, slideshow and floorplan